Why Do You Need to Maintain Your Roof? 

When you put the care into your roof by having regular maintenance done, it benefits the long-term health and structure of your roof. If you get a new roof and it’s properly installed, it is still important to maintain your investment with annual maintenance. Not only are you increasing the roofs lifespan, it’s also a good peace of mind for you.  

With proper roof maintenance, you’re decreasing the chances of expensive repairs in the future. The roof inspector can see damages starting before they become bigger issues. If you’re not getting regular maintenance, unseen damages can lead to costly repairs to your roof and other areas of the home within a matter of years depending on the problem.  

As mentioned earlier, the roofs lifespan increases with proper maintenance. Annual maintenance is the easiest way to expand the life of your roof and minimize issues. Even after getting a new roof installed, you’re still not off the hook! Protect your investment with regular annual maintenance. A roofs life expectancy is 25+ years. When routine upkeep is performed, you can get that and more!  

Keep your mind at peace and ease knowing the roof over your head is strong enough to protect you and your family. With regular roof maintenance, it will give you peace of mind. The roof inspector could tell you there’s a repair that needs to be done or that your roof is in tip-top shape… Either way, you’ll be satisfied the roof is getting the attention it needs to keep everyone safe. 

Almeida Roofing can provide regular roof maintenance on your residential home or commercial building. Our roof technicians are trained and licensed to perform a proper inspection. They’ll communicate their findings with you, good or bad. If needed, we will give you options on repair or replacement depending on the roofs condition. You can trust Almeida Roofing to provide professional roof care. Call today for questions and scheduling!


Waterproofing Your Roof

During monsoon season in Arizona, we can get a lot of rain and humidity. The first thing that gets hit with the heavy rainfall and high humidity is your roof. Water can cause a lot of issues to your roof if moisture gets trapped. To avoid this, it’s best to waterproof the roof. You’ll want to waterproof under and over the shingles.  

Waterproofing Under the Shingles- The most common roof type are shingle roofs. These shingled roofs should contain a strong waterproof material like tar paper or roofing felt that will go between the rafters and shingles. You can also waterproof under the shingles using thermoplastic polyolefin.  

Waterproofing Over the Shingles- When you waterproof the shingles, you can get a few more years without having to replace the roof. You’ll want to get a waterproofing compound and spray, roll, or brush onto each shingle. You can go with an oil-based compound that lasts longer or a water-based compound that is more environmentally friendly.  

It is important to note that these both need to be done for your roof to be the most waterproofed as possible. Start with hiring a roofing contractor to waterproof under the shingles. They can safely and professionally do this for you. Then, either they can waterproof over the shingles or you can if you’re not concerned about safety.  

Almeida Roofing is a certified and professional roofing company in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Our trained roofing specialist can assist with properly waterproofing your roof. We pride ourselves in taking care of our clients to the best of our ability! Almeida Roofing is here for all your roofing needs! 602-743-3175 

Avoid Roof Damage from Hanging Holiday Lights  

Whether you’re just now getting around to putting up Halloween decorations or can’t wait to hang the Christmas lights, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t damaging the roof in the process. Putting up holiday decorations should be fun and uplifting… not damaging! People tend to use methods that aren’t the safest or sturdiest. Learn tips to avoid unnecessary roof damage this holiday season!  

Avoid putting holes in the roof. Using screws, nails, and even staples leave holes in your shingles causing damage. As soon as you take those nails and staples out, those holes can fill with water that can cause the roof to rot. Be cautious about also putting holes in the wood around the perimeter of the roof to avoid wood rot. No holes in the gutters either!  

You’re probably thinking, “well how am I supposed to hang my lights now?!” You can use plastic clips! I personally find everything I need on Amazon but you’ll find some at the store too. Know what you’re hanging so you can decide which clips will work best for your roof and decorations. It’s not recommended to attach the clips to the shingles but, if necessary, DO NOT lift the shingles to do so. When the shingles get lifted, the bond to the roof can break and the roof tile can crack. When it’s time to put away the decorations, carefully remove the clips one at a time. 

Refrain from walking on your roof. Not only is it dangerous but you could really cause damage. Walking on the roof can weaken and crack the shingles. Again, this can create water damage to the roof and even the walls and ceiling inside the home. So, you’d have lots of repairs needed that you probably don’t want to worry about after spending so much money on gifts!   

This holiday season, be mindful of your roof. Don’t make holes, use clips, and don’t walk all over it. Save yourself money by using these tips. If you already have roof damage, Almeida Roofing can help you! 602-743-3175 

Winter Roof Tips

Even though our winter here in Arizona isn’t as intense as other areas in the country, we get surprised with heavy rain fall, hail, and crazy winds. Your home needs to be protected from any type of weather condition. The best thing homeowners could do as winter approaches is to ensure the roof is sturdy and in good condition. Our experienced professionals suggest these tips to prepare your roof for the winter months… 

Over time, your gutters collect leaves, twigs, debris, and maybe even snakes… Let’s hope there isn’t any snakes because tip 1 is to clean your gutters! They should be cleaned out 1-2 times a year. If you don’t want to hire someone to clean them… you can set up a ladder, scoop out the debris, and use a garden hose to flush out the gutters. Ensure the gutters are performing correctly and if they aren’t, hire a professional to repair them.  

If you have tall trees close to the house, tip 2 is to make sure they’re trimmed and sturdy. It would be a shame if that large branch came crashing down on your roof during an intense windstorm. Also, if your gutters are always full of leaves… your tree is probably the culprit. Trim and maintain trees to ensure sturdiness and assist in keeping the gutters clear.     

Winter in Phoenix, Arizona is a little weird because in the afternoon it’s warm and sunny but at night the temperature drastically lowers. The up and down temperature change can actually have a negative impact on your roof. When it’s warm during the day, the roof expands and when it gets cold, the roof contracts. These swift temperature changes can cause damage to the gutters and roof system. This brings us to tip 3… apply roof sealant. Roof sealant helps to maintain a steady temperature so it’s not expanding and contracting. As an added bonus, roof sealant protects from water damage! 

After tips 1-3, tip 4 is to call a roofing specialist to schedule a roof inspection. Experienced roofers can see if there are any areas that may need to be repaired. If you know there is damage to the roof, they can provide options to either repair or replace the roof. This is something you definitely want to have a professional do.

If you need a roofing contractor, Almeida Roofing would love to earn your trust and business. We have trained roofing professionals ready to service your roof to ensure it’s ready for this winter. For questions and more information, give us a call. 602-743-3175 



Is your roof on it’s last legs?

 Are you in a hurry to look out for an immediate replacement? 

Checking out local roofing contractors in Phoenix is where this journey usually starts. Checking out online reviews, making sure ROC licensed and insured and checking other credentials is next.

After checking out credentials, you most always will be concerned about the cost involved in getting a new roof installed.

Here we have listed some steps and tips that can help. These tips can help not only be able to choose the best roofing contractor in Phoenix, but also to help the overall roofing job to go smoothly.

Start shop around and act smart: Many home roofing contractors will claim to be the best in the market.  It is always wise to do your homework, check online reviews, ask for past references and call them as well as get the estimate.  This will help you in zeroing into not only the best price for your job, but the best roofer for your job. The cheaper jobs can end up being very expensive; poor quality roofing leads to expensive damages.  Going blindly after someone who is offering an unbelievably low price is risky since the contractor might compromise the quality of work.

Hunt for off-season discounts: If delaying roof replacement/repair job is an option for you, then waiting for seasons off can help you get great deals. Depending on the climate, you can start at early winters or at the commencement of spring, to negotiate the price with your choice of roofing contractor Phoenix.

For all your roof repair or installation needs, Almeida Roofing is here to help!


Account for Long-Term Savings: Select energy-rated products which will help you in saving some considerable amount in long run. In some cases, going by these options can also invite tax break.

Give a hand: It is advisable to do some work on your own. Where the actual roof installation will be done people who have required skills, removing the shingles can be a part of job that you can take over to save labor cost. Also, you can suggest storing the materials on site or performing the post clean up job to control the cost. It is wide to discuss everything in detail with the company to ensure that the costing remains under check.

Arizona Monsoon Season Is Here!

The Arizona monsoon storms can be exciting, scary, pretty and also costly.

When you need a roofing repair, don’t procrastinate – roofing problems usually get worse over time. Call us today to get a free estimate on fixing it now – 602-743-3175

Several cities in the Phoenix and surrounding areas suffered damage to roofs and other structures already this Monsoon 2022 season, and this season is just getting started. There has been reports of multiple power outages, lots of roof damage and even a completely flattened mobile home!

Below are some tips to stay safe during this Monsoon 2022:

(The below tips from:  Arizona Fire & Medical Authority (az.gov) website)

The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority gives these tips on safety during and after storms, no matter where you are at:


Lightning is attracted to metal and water, and tends to strike the highest or tallest objects. YOU ARE IN A STRIKE ZONE IF YOU HEAR THUNDER FIVE SECONDS OR LESS AFTER YOU SEE LIGHTNING! 

  • Avoid wide, open areas such as fields and golf courses. 
  • Stay off hilltops and other high points of land. 
  • Don’t stand near trees or tall poles 
  • Get at least 7 feet away from tall objects 
  • Avoid metal objects such as golf carts and clubs, lawn mowers and pipes. 
  • Get to the lowest point of ground you can, and kneel or squat to minimize your contact points with the ground. 
  • Do not lie flat. This will make you a bigger target. 
  • Don’t huddle with others. Spread out at least 15 feet apart. 
  • Remove golf shoes or steel-toed boots. 
  • If you’re out on the water, get to land. 
  • If you’re in a pool, get out.

Downed Power Lines

  • Stay at least 100 feet away. 
  • If the power line has fallen on your car while you’re in it, don’t touch anything metal in the car, and stay inside until professional help arrives. 
  • Never try to help someone trapped by a power line. You endanger your own safety. Instead, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Indoor Safety

  • Stay away from windows during strong winds. Tree limbs and other wind-borne objects can be a hazard. 
  • Electrical wiring attracts lightning. Avoid using the telephone, except for emergencies. 
  • Lighting can move through a home’s plumbing, attracted to the metal or water. Avoid using sinks and showers. 
  • Disconnect computers, TVs and other delicate electronic equipment. Consider attaching surge protectors to such equipment.

Driving Safety

In Dust:

  • Don’t enter a dust storm if you can avoid it. 
  • Turn headlights on and slow to a prudent speed.
  • If you pull off the road, get as far to the right as possible. Turn off the car and headlights, and set the parking brake. Keep your foot off the brake pedal because other drivers may think you’re a car in motion. 

In Rain:

  • Rain reduces traction and causes tires to hydroplane. Slow your speed accordingly. 
  • Water on roads may be deeper than it looks. Watch for vehicles travelling too fast. They can throw up blinding sheets of water. 
  • Don’t cross rain-swollen washes. You can be caught in a flash flood that can sweep your vehicle and its contents away. 
  • Pay attention to hazard signs and roadblocks. Ignoring them threatens life and property, and can result in enforcement action by police. 

Stuck in a wash: 

Control of a vehicle is lost in 6 inches of water. Most vehicles will begin to float in 2 feet of water. 

– If you have a phone, call 911. Our firefighters are equipped and trained on swift water rescues.

– If you can, climb onto the roof and wait to be rescued. 

– If the water is still low and you can wade to safety, do so, but beware of floating debris. 

Additional Monsoon and Dust Storm Information

When you need a roofing repair, don’t procrastinate – roofing problems usually get worse over time. Call us today to get a free estimate on fixing it now – 602-743-3175

Roofing repair that you can count on is something that can really help to rest your mind at ease. As a home owner, it’s important to develop relationships with the contractors that can make your life easier.

We can handle your roofing repair professionally, no matter how big or small the job is! Give us a call to schedule a free consultation and estimate: 602-743-3175

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Roofs are vital parts of a building’s architecture. It protects the residents and the building from external stimuli, like rain, dust, wind, and heat. In addition, commercial roofing also adds to the aesthetic value of the structure.

Therefore, both residential and commercial buildings require roofing of the finest quality for supreme protection. However, there is a major difference between the two roofing systems. Residential houses are smaller, and thus, their roofs have more slopes. As a result, one can view the roofs from the ground level.

On the other hand, commercial buildings are much larger and spread over a wider area. Thus, the commercial roofing in these plots needs to have little or no slope at all. It implies that most commercial buildings have flat roofs, not visible from the ground level.
If you own a commercial building or; are its caretaker, you should periodically contact a commercial roofing company. You need to ensure that your roof can play its part properly in protecting the interior and exterior of the building. Furthermore, if you find any abnormality in your roofing system, you should immediately contact the roofing specialists to prevent further damage.

We Have Mentioned Some Useful Tips That You Can Employ While Considering A Commercial Roofing Service

  • Advanced Roofing Materials and Technology – When repairing the roofs of your commercial buildings, you should ensure that the specialists use modern materials. These materials are more resistant to heat and other harsh environmental conditions. If you employ the latest materials available in the market, your gross cooling or heating expenditure shall reduce. Moreover, you should contact Commercial Roofing companies in peoria who know these advanced materials. They should be well-equipped with cutting-edge tools and equipment to complete the procedure.
  • Type of Roof System – Numerous roofing types and styles are available in today’s times. Some technologies include single ply, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), bitumen, etc. You may also opt for green roofs, membrane coatings, or liquid applied roofing systems.Incorporating solar panels on commercial roofing is an excellent choice for sustaining the environment. Not only will this take care of your electricity bills, but solar energy is also renewable and is a good step towards preserving non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Timely Servicing and Repair – For executing this point, you need to be proactive and alert about your roofing system. If you find any leakage or cracks in your roofs, you should immediately contact a commercial roofer near me. Improper flashing or erroneous roof fixtures are common causes of roof damage.If these damages are not taken care of in time, these are progressive. Thus, you need to ensure, not ignore any sign of roof damage in your commercial building. Furthermore, regular checks and servicing of your roofing system are any day better.
  • Expert Roofing Contractor – This is an important checkpoint regarding commercial roofing repair. The commercial roofing contractors you contact should have proper licence and registration for carrying out the task. They should also have sufficient experience and knowledge as it is a matter of your building’s architecture. Before contacting the roofing professionals, you should research them. You can check their websites or verbally confirm from your acquaintances. You may even choose to visit their offices to check the quality and knowledge of their service. While negotiating the estimate for roof servicing or repair, you should also clear some doubts with the professional. You need to ask them about the number of people they would deploy for completing the task.
  • The Concluding Thoughts
    Commercial roofing systems require as much care as residential roofing does. Commercial spaces like restaurants and shopping malls have many amenities inside, and thus, it is essential to keep the roofing intact and proper to maintain the interiors.
    You should contact roofing service contractors or repairers well in advance to avoid any mishap. Timely servicing of roofs goes a long way in maintaining commercial roofing systems. Thus, you should contact roofing professionals when you observe any abnormality or leakage on the roof. It is important to prevent aggravation.

Almeida Roofing Company is one of the most treatable and old service providing companies in Arizona, For more details and free cost estimate you could visit the official site of Almeida Roofing.

All you need to know about:
People usually ask how to take care of roofs in winters?
Winter has already arrived, and if you are still ignoring your roof to get ready for the season, then it can be risky for your roof and your home. Due to heavy rainstorms and snowfall, your roof can get damaged, and you know that you need to repair it. But what about severe snowfall? Many ignore the fact that in winter, roofs need special care and attention.


Roofing job demands professional teamwork and precision in order to last for years to come. There are many things that differentiate an expert’s job from sloppy work. Collating the feedback, suggestions and recommendations of those who have undergone roofing job. An expert roofing contractor will always do quality roof installation whereas an inexperienced person will just complete his job regardless of the quality.

Avoid These Mistakes For Quality Roof Installation

  • Shoddy Job: Many scam roofing companies don’t care how the end job would look like. They end up installing roofs featuring ragged-cut edges, wavy rows, which can be easily assessed as a bad job done. Seeing this from a distance, or from a neighbor window these deficiencies can be easily noticed. Such flaws will withdraw the roof’s ability to safeguard the home against environmental effects. Some roofers just hurry in finishing the job, apply shortcuts and miss out on important aspects which ensure that roof is installed properly to stand against the leaks.
  • Falter on Clearing Debris and Obstructions from the Roof Deck: It is important that while taking out the old roof, the nails or staples are also pulled-out of the sheathing. In case of default, the new roof is prone to experience punctures in the new shingles or underlayment. Some inefficient commercial roofing companies save time and hit the nails into the deck in place of removing them.
  • Placing the new roofing over insufficient sheathing: Homeowners who are looking forward to take this service in near future should always ensure that sheathing should be strong and sturdy to support new roof. Also, it should be re-nailed which forms an important part of the entire job of roof installation. Always include this job in the roof estimates, since this extra cost will safeguard the major cost being invested in the hob. Homeowners should always be prepared financially and must discuss the expectations with the roofing repair company Phoenix they are about to hire. Roof sheathing repair will consume a lot of costing but ignoring the sheathing issues will charge huge chunks of money from their pockets in the long run. So, its better be safe than sorry.
  • Improper Cleanup of the Site: Before choosing the most suitable company among all the shortlisted roofing companies in Phoenix AZ, it is important to know how they are going to wind up. It is impossible to manually pick-up the debris, so it is vital that the site cleaning job must be included in the overall package to ensure that roofers clean the entire site before the leaving the premises.
  • Inappropriate installation of Underlayments: As a matter of fact, roofs that are shingled properly often don’t require any underlayments. But in the case otherwise, it becomes important for the “air-tightening” of new homes to protect from extreme conditions. Make sure that the roofers take up underlayments as almost as important as shingles.

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