Horizontally laid roof that has an under layer and the top coat is called as a Flat Roof. On the other hand a Shingle Roofs are the steep slope roofs. For any building or construction to last longer, apart from the foundation and the material used, the roofs should also be stronger. Regular maintenance will keep your home protected from the environmental damages. However, the type of roof depends a lot on the design and the use of the building.

Quick Comparison Between Flat Roofs Vs Shingle Roofs

Cost of Construction: A flat roof may look simple and easy to construct. It also involves low cost of installation as the surface area of the flat surface is less than the sloped surface. Shingles on the other hand, are costly for initial installation due to the surface area. Shingles at times involve trusses that increase it’s initial cost.

Inspection: Flat roofs are easy to inspect and climb in comparison to that on the Shingle roof.

Cost of Maintenance: The maintenance of the flat roofs are expensive. The water in the rains and the dampness in the snowfall can damage the roof as there is no water drainage. Whereas the cost of maintenance in the Shingle roofs are very low.

Durable: The water clogging on the Flat roofs increase chances of damage and wear and tear. Hence, it reduces the durability of the flat roofs. On the other hand, the Shingle Roofs are more durable and hence preferred in cities where there are more of snowfall and rainfall.

Variants: There are a wide variety of colors and styles available in Shingles whereas there cannot be much of the variation in the Flat Roofs. Click here to review the architectural Vs three tab shingles.

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