How Often Should I Reseal My Flat Roof?

For homeowners or business owners with a flat roof, you’ll want to prevent roof problems before they occur. A flat roof that is maintained properly can tolerate the outside elements and protect you and your family for years to come. However, not routinely doing the maintenance can lead to expensive repairs or replacement.

A part of flat roof maintenance is to reseal. Having your flat roof resealed safeguards it’s durability and integrity by keeping it waterproofed and insulated. Overlooking this important step in maintaining your flat roof, can result in leaks and other damage.

Every 5-7 years is the average timeframe to reseal a roof in order to maintain it’s durability.

Signs your flat roof needs to be resealed:

  1. Cracks or Splits: Observe for cracks or splits on the roof. This indicates that the coating is failing and vulnerable to leaks.
  2. Pooled Water: After a rainstorm, if there is a pool of water on your roof for a couple of days, it’s possible the sealant has weakened and no longer has it’s durability to protect from leaks.
  3. Bubbles: When the waterproof layer is no longer together, the trapped moisture causes bubbles.
  4. Discoloration: The harsh UV rays cause discoloration and the coating to become thin.
  5. Peeling: The roof needs to be resealed when there is peeling or flaking.

If you see any of these signs, Almeida Roofing Inc. can help! Our roofers who specialize in flat roofs, are ready to inspect, maintain, repair, or replace your roof. Whatever you need, Almeida Roofing Inc. is just a phone call away!