4 Reasons Your Home Roof Requires Replacement 

As a homeowner, we don’t really pay attention to our roof. We just expect it to protect us from the outside elements without thought of the condition it is in. Overtime, the outside elements, lack of proper maintenance, and age cause damages to the roof that aren’t always repairable. Take a moment to learn and know the signs for when it’s probably time to replace your roof.


Check the interior and exterior walls, rafters, and decking to see if any stains are visible. These water stains normally have a brown or yellowish color. This is a good indication that there is wood rot and moisture damage from a leak in the roof.  

Cracked Or Curled Shingles:  

If you’ve had your shingled roof for more than 12-15 years, inspect your roof closely. Do you see cracked shingles? Or shingles that are curled at the edges? If so, that means you should consider getting quotes on replacement. 


There are different factors that could’ve led to the roof sagging… Incorrectly ventilated roof, poor workmanship, incorrect installed roofing materials, undersized rafters and extreme weight. Regardless of the reason, a roof that is noticeably sagging should be replaced.  


Inspect the roof to check for any light coming through. If there is light, you may have holes in your roof and if that’s the case, it’s time to replace. 

If you find such issues on your roof and feel that now your roof needs replacement then call Almeida Roofing Inc – Arizona’s Roofing Experts now. We have 35 years of experience in roofing industry and would love to help you.


Can you live in your home while the roof is replaced?

Can you live in your home while your roof is being replaced? 

Yes, you can, and there are pros and cons to staying in your home while your roof is replaced. 

Pro: Staying in your home while replacing the roof will save you money. You won’t have to get a hotel or incur extra charges on top of your roof costs. 

Con: It is going to be loud. A roof may only take a few days to complete under the best circumstances, but the noise can get overwhelming, even if only for a few days. Living in the home is fine, but if you work from home and need quiet, you will probably need to find a place that suits your needs better during the day. 

Some people worry that they will be in the way if the company replacing the roof needs access to the inside of the house. This is unlikely since any inspections that need to be done inside the home will most likely have been done before the work has started on your roof.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

The short answer is anywhere from 1-3 days when no weather is involved. If the weather gets bad, as in Arizona during certain seasons, you could look at 3-5 days or even longer. The water can damage the roof decking if it rains during a roof install, and a new roof should never be installed over a wrinkled barrier or wet wood. 

The type of roof you have installed can also affect how long it takes to replace it. A regular asphalt shingle roof is much quicker than concrete or wood tiles. The pattern you want your tiles placed in can also play a role, as some patterns are intricate and take longer to install. 

House size is another huge factor in how long it can take to replace your roof. A 2000sqft home and a 5000sqft home will not take the same time to replace. It is best to ask your roofing company about time estimates as all roof jobs are different. 

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Shingle Roofs In Arizona – Pros & Cons

Shingle roofs are commonly seen on Arizona homes… Why? With temperatures fluctuating day & night and the crazy monsoon storms during the summer, we need a roof that can handle the conditions Arizona has to offer. Our homes must have durable roofs that can withstand the unpredictable climate variations. Here is a quick review of the pros and cons of using shingle roofs.


  • Versatility – Shingle roofs can be made of materials like asphalt fiberglass, wooden shingles, metal, slate, tile etc. 
  • Inexpensive – Shingles are one of the most inexpensive roofing options. Material used for shingles have different costs so you have various options to choose from that works best for you.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance – Arizona roofing companies can easily and proficiently install shingle roofs. Regular maintenance is recommended to keep shingles clean and safe. 
  • Fire Resistant – Shingles are fairly fire-resistant. Asphalt shingles can last 2 hours before catching fire unlike wooden shingles. Asphalt fiberglass shingles are the most fire-resistant among all other types of shingles.
  • Easily Available – Shingles are easily found everywhere and anywhere. Available in different shapes types and colors too!


  • Lifespan – Metal and slate shingles are durable up to 50 years, but few shingles like asphalt, tile and wood are decreased to 30-35 years in life expectancy.
  • Regular Inspection Required – Although the roof maintenance and repair is easy, regular inspection is required to avoid any damage.
  • Vulnerable to Mildew – Improper roof installation, ventilation and leaks can lead to mold, mildew, and fungi.

People choose shingle roofs over other roofing types as it’s inexpensive, durable, and easily available in Arizona.

Asphalt Roof Installation is done by the professional roofing expert, Almeida Roofing. To learn more and get a quote, give us a call! 602-743-3175



Is your roof on it’s last legs?

 Are you in a hurry to look out for an immediate replacement? 

Checking out local roofing contractors in Phoenix is where this journey usually starts. Checking out online reviews, making sure ROC licensed and insured and checking other credentials is next.

After checking out credentials, you most always will be concerned about the cost involved in getting a new roof installed.

Here we have listed some steps and tips that can help. These tips can help not only be able to choose the best roofing contractor in Phoenix, but also to help the overall roofing job to go smoothly.

Start shop around and act smart: Many home roofing contractors will claim to be the best in the market.  It is always wise to do your homework, check online reviews, ask for past references and call them as well as get the estimate.  This will help you in zeroing into not only the best price for your job, but the best roofer for your job. The cheaper jobs can end up being very expensive; poor quality roofing leads to expensive damages.  Going blindly after someone who is offering an unbelievably low price is risky since the contractor might compromise the quality of work.

Hunt for off-season discounts: If delaying roof replacement/repair job is an option for you, then waiting for seasons off can help you get great deals. Depending on the climate, you can start at early winters or at the commencement of spring, to negotiate the price with your choice of roofing contractor Phoenix.

For all your roof repair or installation needs, Almeida Roofing is here to help!


Account for Long-Term Savings: Select energy-rated products which will help you in saving some considerable amount in long run. In some cases, going by these options can also invite tax break.

Give a hand: It is advisable to do some work on your own. Where the actual roof installation will be done people who have required skills, removing the shingles can be a part of job that you can take over to save labor cost. Also, you can suggest storing the materials on site or performing the post clean up job to control the cost. It is wide to discuss everything in detail with the company to ensure that the costing remains under check.


Roof Replacement is mostly ignored by homeowners and they take signs of roof damage as something else. They either try to use internet sources to learn and repair roof themselves and end up damaging the roof more or they ignore the early signs of roof replacement that later cause major problems. Whether you are trying a DIY method, considering the problem for something else, or do not understand what it is, you need to know when and what your problem is.

Water leaks or other damage can be a pretty serious issues in long term, so it’s better you should have a rough idea when you need a roof repair. But how will you know if there’s an issue with the roof or water damage is making your roof weak from inside? Let’s find out the main reasons which make the situation much worse.

Here Is The List Of 6 Signs That Indicate You Need A Roof Replacement Or Repair:

It is never advisable for homeowners to ignore roof damage. You will eventually receive a higher bill from your roofing replacement provider if you let problems persist and worsen.

Although minor damage can often be fixed by repairs, when more serious problems occur, a roof replacement is usually required. Here are 6 important indicators that a roof replacement is your best choice:

1.Water Damage

Often water damage is taken as some other issue, people ignore water damage signs though it might be true, they can also be signs for roof replacement. If there are signs of dampness on your roof, there are chances your roof has water issues. These marks of water or mildew can be chalked, but it’s not always true, you might need a flat roof replacement. Ignoring these signs will worsen your roof damage. If you have signs of water damage on your roof, immediately inspect your roof to avoid chances of costly roof repairs.

2.Damaged Flashing

Flashing is used to prevent water from entering your roof, it’s the material around the extended objects on the roof such as chimneys, or roof vents. Generally, the flashing is made up of aluminum or other thin materials that will stop water from leaking. If the material of the flashing deteriorates due to oxidation or damage due to any other reason, the chances of water leaking into your roof will increase which might cause a lot of damage such as rote wood, mold growth, and structure of the roof might hamper. It’s important to check the flash every once in a while, especially if you experience a leaking window or roof, and consult roof replacement Phoenix.


Your roof should follow a straight line with edges or ridges to ensure your roof has a good structure. If your roof sags or has saddlebags in the ridge, it’s a warning signal that your roof has structural issues and it might collapse if not identified and repaired immediately. Roof sagging is often caused by excess exposure to moisture, wrong roofing material, and low-quality installation of roofing materials that lead to leakage or water entering the roof. If you live in a place where winters are common and the roof has to bear the snow, high-quality roofing material and installation are important. Higher quality roof replacement Company to help you identify issues and update with high-quality material.

4.Aging Roof

Generally, the life expectancy of a roof will depend on the type of material used for the roof. If your roof material is getting old or not aged, you need to instantly call commercial roof replacement services for inspection. The experts will understand and examine how badly you need replacement, or it can be settled with repairs. It’s common for people to avoid these maintenance issues if there is no leakage or major issue with the roof, but it’s about time your roof might collapse. Therefore, it’s important to check the roof regularly to ensure it’s intact and has a better life expectancy.

5.Unwanted Houseplants

Moss grown in a shady part of your backyard or outside your home might be okay, but it’s not healthy for moss to grow on your roof. Moss Mold or fungi on your roof indicates that your roof has some trapped ©moisture, if not treated it can cause damage to the whole roof and may even collapse. If moss is grown on some part of the roof, you can use a stiff brush to get rid of moss immediately. However, you need to inspect underlying moisture because that’s the main cause of moss growing.

6.Loose Tiles

You will not get any signal sitting in your room that your roof has loose tiles, you need to check your roof regularly. You can annual check your roof tiles to ensure everything is fine by stepping on them. You will feel wobbly or loose tiles. If you have a few loose tiles, get them repaired soon, if you have the majority of loose tiles, it’s a signal you now need to replace your roof. Weak tiles or missing tiles can fall more quickly than leakage or damp issues, therefore act quickly. Contact the best quality Residential roof replacement services like Almeida roofing to replace your roof with high-quality material.

Final Thoughts

These are some important warning signals that should not be ignored. However, they are not the only ones, if you see issues like attic leaks, falling mortar, light coming from the roof, etc. Contact your roof replacement Contractor immediately for an inspection. Moreover, you should check your roof annually to maintain a long-lasting and increased life expectancy of your roof.

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If you are a home owner, you expect your roof to stay perfect as long as possible. Time to time certain roofing problems arises that require roof repair. Proper roof maintenance keep roof safe but once you avoid taking care of your roof; you may face some devastating situations. Whether a home owner gives full attention to a roof or not, there will come a time when the roof can’t be repaired anymore and it simply require new roof, means,  roof replacement. One must also check for the phoenix roofing companies before hiring.

Signs Home Require Roof Replacement–


Check the outer walls of house, rafters and decking underneath the roof’s shingles, if these areas have stains. If yes, then there is an extreme need to replace the roof. Staining on house roof is an early sign of several problems like wood rot, moisture etc. The staining is very common in areas that face seasonal humidity and rains, so the house roof will be more susceptible to these elements and sooner or later need to be replaced.

Cracked Or Curled Shingles:

If your roof is made of shingles and it’s been more than 12-15 years then closely inspect the roof. If there are many cracked or curled shingles then it is a serious sign and your home needs a new roof.

Sagging Roof:

There are numerous factors that lead to a sagging roof. Some of these factors are incorrectly ventilated roof, poor workmanship, incorrect installed roofing materials, undersized rafters and extreme weight. If your house roof is noticeably sagging then your roof needs to be replaced.

Visible Light:

Inspect your roof closely to check if there is any roof area through which light is coming. If yes, then it is a serious red flag to the roof’s health and your roof most probably needs replacement.

If you find such issues on your roof and feel that now your roof needs replacement then call Almeida Roofing Inc – Arizona’s Roofing Experts now. We have 35 years of experience in roofing industry. Call us to get the best professional roofing services.