Roof questions to ask when you are buying a home.

If you are shopping for a new home this year, here are some things you should find out about the roof of your dream home before you drop that offer.


You must ask this question even when looking at a home you are considering buying. The homeowners/sellers of a new home like to tell you when there is a new roof on the house, but they frequently won’t mention anything about the roof unless it is new. Anytime a large project like a new roof is done to the home, there are receipts; it’s important to get proof the roof has been fully replaced or repaired. Make sure that their paperwork matches up with what they are saying. 


Be sure to ask what the quality of your roof is. Make sure good quality roofing materials were used when it was last redone. Also, it’s important to note that not all roofs are created equal for the places that they are. For example, here in Arizona, tile roofs are popular because they last a really long time, but asphalt shingle roofs are used too. Understanding the difference in the longevity of these two types of roofs in Arizona is important. It may not be something you need to deal with immediately, but just understand that you will probably need work done on a shingle roof way sooner than a tile roof. 


Most of the time, a home inspection is done on your home before you buy it unless you opt-out… P.S. Never opt out of a home inspection. Also, did you know that you can choose your home inspector? Most of the time, the homeowners hire the inspector, or one of the realtors will set it up, but you can always get a second opinion. Not all home inspectors are created equal, and not all spend enough time inspecting the roof. The roof is a very important part of your home and not something that should be looked over quickly. If you happen to see ware and tear on the edges of the roof, or perhaps some minor things are mentioned in an inspector’s report, it is ok to ask for a roof-only inspection. Knowing how worn the roof is is key to deciding to buy a home. A roof can be a very large expense, and even if it warns, knowing this information can help you avoid costly surprises down the road.

How to clean mold off my roof 

It is common for mold growth on your roof to sneak up on you because we don’t see it. We always see the mold that grows in the bathrooms and kitchen. When that happens, we get it taken care of right away. You may be wondering; how do I clean mold off my roof? Well we have some tips for you!  

Tip 1: If you are able and comfortable to do it yourself, always proceed with proper safety procedures. You can protect yourself by using a harness.  

Tip 2: Pressure wash without a pressure washer! A pressure washer could easily damage your shingles. Use a hose and nozzle instead.  

Tip 3: Spray a mixture of water and bleach, let sit for an hour, and rinse to remove algae.  

Tips 4: Call and schedule with the professionals.  

Don’t let that mold accumulate on your roof! Either spend time cleaning the roof on your next day off or call the roofing professionals. You wouldn’t let the mold just sit there if it was in your bathroom… stop procrastinating and get it removed. Not only is mold unappealing to the eye but it’s also awful for our health. Take care of your home, family, and self with Almeida Roofing Inc. We are just a phone call away! 602-743-3175 

How heat can damage your roof.

Arizonians are no strangers to harsh summer heat. Unfortunately, our roofs can’t get out of the sun, so they take a beating most of the year here. Being aware of this helps catch signs of roof degradation. 

What is roof degradation?

Roof degradation can be caused by extended exposure to direct sunlight. This can compromise your roofing material and may result in shingles buckling, eroding, and peeling back. This then exposes the wood beneath the shingles, leaving it vulnerable to rain. What roofs are susceptible to roof degradation? Older roofs. If your roof has been up for over 15 years and you notice balding. When it is time to replace your roof? Try to return before the heat of the summer months set in.


There are a few tell-tale signs your roof has suffered from heat damage. 

Some signs are curling shingles, deteriorating or balding shingles, Peeling, Buckling, and Eroding. Once you notice these signs of damage, it’s best to call in the pros to look into possible repairs or replacement options.

Heat-related threats to roofing

Heat-related threats to the roof are extremely common and can be one of the leading causes of roof damage. Between the increase in humidity that comes with the late summer months and constant exposure to sunlight, the roof can experience a decrease in its lifespan during this timeframe.


The sun is closer to the earth in the summer, so this leaves your shingles exposed to more UV rays than any other time of the year. Direct exposure to sunlight can age your shingles, causing them to peel or erode. Tile roofs are better for Arizona because they bounce heat and absorb less UV light. 


Other heat-related damage can be when thermal shock occurs. This is when the roofing system expands and contracts due to constant heating and cooling. The more this happens, the more strain is put onto your roof, decreasing its lifespan. You can expect cracks and splits from thermal shock if you have an older roof.

Roof Damage After a Storm 

What a weird couple of weeks it has been with all this rain! Homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona is used to seeing most of the rain activity during monsoon season in the summer months. These storms aren’t just bringing more rain… the wind and hail too! We haven’t had hail in what seems like years! Maybe it’s time to check on your roof… Just think about taking the brunt of all the force your roof is withstanding as it protects you!  

Mother nature sure is beautiful when she pours from the skies but does cause some issues to our roofs. Rain damage is the most common and noticeable roof damage. As your roof weakens and storms continuously beat on it, the material weakens and the shingles start lifting. When this happens, water seeps into the holes and cracks with nowhere to drain… The moisture eventually begins to cause even more damage and can even create problems inside the home.  

Storms in Arizona can be dangerous when the intense winds roll in. We see trampolines flying from backyard to backyard, a wall of dust coming straight at us, and our freshly washed car getting smacked with that wall of dust. What we don’t see is that shingle starting to lift up, completely come off, and fly away! You could be missing many pieces of your roof and you wouldn’t even know unless you checked. This brings us back to water damage because the rain, hail, and occasional snowfall can sit right where your shingles and other roofing materials are supposed to be! 

Hail seems to be showing up more and more out of the blue. These balls of ice range from all different sizes. Some are as small as a pea while others can be as big as a soccer ball! No matter how big or how small, ice hitting your roof does damage. It may not be right away but overtime hail can breakdown the roofs material, creating issues in the future.  

After any storm, you should check your roof or call for an inspection. Almeida Roofing is a professional roofing contractor who services the Phoenix, Arizona area. We can inspect your roof and tell you how well it held up after last week’s storm or give you options if it needs further attention. Take care of your roof by calling the roofing professionals at 602-743-3175. 

4 Benefits to Replacing Your Roof 

When you start noticing more and more damage on your roof, it creates a sudden concern because you don’t know when it’ll eventually give out. You don’t want to be sitting on the couch with your family watching a movie when the roof suddenly comes crashing down! Waiting too long to replace the roof is dangerous and could lead to even more repairs. While safety and costs are always big concerns, what about the benefits? Here are a few benefits to replacing the roof… 

1.) Reducing Roof Repairs- With a new roof, you don’t have to worry about needing to spend money on your roof every so often on repairs. A new roof can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years! 

2.) Reduce Risk of Interior Water Damage- When there is damage to your roof, it can also affect the interior of your home. The holes in the roof can cause water to leak into the interior of the home causing drywall damage. With a new roof, no need to worry about water damage! 

3.) Safety- As mentioned earlier, safety is always a big concern. A new roof offers less mishaps that may occur with an older roof like loose shingles falling. Not only would it hurt to have a piece of roof fall on your head but imagine the liability and guilt if it was a friend or other visitor. 

4.) Increased Value to Home- Buyers like upgrades they don’t have to do themselves. We think kitchens and bathrooms but people are also concerned about the structure of the home too. They want to confidently move into a new home without having to worry about their roof falling on them in the middle of the night. 

Reduce costs, damage, and accidents by replacing your homes roof! Almeida Roofing wants to ensure you’re safe and at peace in your home. We offer free quotes on new roof installation and would enjoy giving you the help you need! Our guys take care of each one of our clients by demonstrating professionalism and quality work… You won’t be disappointed with us. Give us a call today!  

Spring Cleaning Roof Checklist

It’s barely the new year, but spring will have rolled around before you know it. It will soon be time to check on your roof to get ready for the summer.
Here is a list of a few things to check once it starts to warm up.

Clear Off All Debris from roof and gutter – We all know that wintertime creates all sorts of messes from trees; this means it’s not just on the ground, it’s also on your roof. If you have a lot of trees that drop leaves, be sure to check your roof and also your gutters for fallen leaves.

Examine Your Roof for Loose Shingles – Look around your roof and ensure all the shingles have made it through the winter. Things like hail and storms through the winter can damage and loosen shingles. It is important to find loose shingles and fix them before they cause any issues.

Damaged Tree Branches – If you have damaged or dangling tree branches close to your roof, have them trimmed or removed. Branches that fall can cause future costly repairs.

Can you replace your roof in the wintertime?

In some climates, like here in Phoenix, winter is a great time to get a new roof. Winter in colder climates isn’t always the ideal time to have your roof replaced because ice and snow can make being on your roof very dangerous.
You also must remember that when your roof is being replaced in the wintertime, your home won’t be as protected as it should be to keep the cold out. While roof replacements under good conditions are quick. You always run the risk of your home being exposed to winter elements. In Arizona, we don’t have to worry too much about super cold temperatures, ice, and snow, but depending on the winter, we have rain, and damp conditions can cause a bit of ice on early morning roofs.

So we say yes, your roof can be replaced in the wintertime; it’s just important to make sure that all the weather conditions are ideal for protecting the safely of workers and your family.