New Year, New Roof! 

Can you believe it’s already 2023?! This new year brings us the opportunity to make a change and start fresh. What is your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you want to change your outlook on life and be more positive. Or focus more on your health like eating healthier and exercising more. Maybe it’s something around the house you want to take care of. It could be finally cleaning the garage out or updating the paint color on the walls. But what about your roof? Have you thought about the sturdiness of it? Maybe instead of all the little small things around the house, check on your roof instead. 

With all the storms we get during the monsoon season, who knows what your roof looks like up there! What if a giant branch fell on top of your roof while you were at work on a stormy day and you never even realized it was there? Bring in the New Year right and get an inspection done by Almeida Roofing! We will ensure your roofs sturdiness and if replacement is necessary, we will go over options with you. Even if your roof is in good shape and you want us to replace it anyways, no problem! Almeida Roofing is here for all your roof replacement needs. Contact us to schedule an inspection at 602-743-3175

Can rain damage my roof? 

Being a homeowner means all the repairs and upgrades are our responsibility. We no longer have the luxury of calling the maintenance guy or property management company to fix the leaky sink and not have to pay a dime. When damages occur and repairs need to be done on our home, we are never ready or excited about it. This is especially true during the rainy season and what a recent surprise of constant rain we just got. With all this extra rain, what damages could happen to our roofs?  

We tend to get a lot of rain during the monsoon season in the summer but sometimes we get surprised with it in the winter months too. But whether it’s July or December, heavy rainfall can do damage to the shingles. Routinely check the stability of the shingles and ensure there are no cracks especially after a storm.  

With trapped moisture and sitting water comes mold. Normally we struggle to deal with mold in our kitchens and bathrooms but the tops of our houses are easily overlooked. Expansion of materials, mildew, and wood rot occurs when the mold grows in the cracks on your roof. We suggest getting a roof inspection done if you have mold concerns.  

If your gutters are clogged, it’ll become problematic during heavy rainfall because the water will end up sitting on your roof rather than draining. Gutters that aren’t maintained and cleared routinely could cause costly repairs in the future. Stay ahead of the game by keeping up with clearing your gutters.  

Frozen water damage can occur during the winter months when we randomly get heavy rainfall. Water that sits and freezes in the cracks of the roof causes the building material to expand. When you go to do roof repairs, this expansion makes it difficult to repair verses if it was a smaller crack. Some repairs may be too big and you could end up buying a new roof instead.  

Almeida Roofing recommends you take a look at your roof after this consistent rainfall we just had. If you’d like one of our professionals to do an inspection for you, we’re more than happy to help! We will complete our inspection, report back to you, and give you any repair or replacement recommendations if deemed necessary. Almeida Roofing looks forward to servicing you! 

Prevent Roof Damage This Winter  

Some of us love the cooler weather and fun winter brings. The temperatures here in the Phoenix, Arizona area lower but not enough to snow so we’re still able to enjoy the outdoors! A common favorite is sipping on hot coco next to a fire. While enjoying your warm drink by the fire, your roof could be suffering from the winter weather. Your roof protects you all winter long and deserves to be protected too. Here are some roof maintenance tips you could use to this season… 

Remove Snow- If you are in an area that gets snow whether it’s Flagstaff, Payson, Sedona, or any other city… remove the snow from your roof sooner than later. I know I know, the snow on the roof is a beautiful winter site to see but your roof doesn’t care. The snow creates heavy weight and the water can cause damage.  

Repairs- Get those roof repairs done that you’ve been holding off on! Just because you’re not ready doesn’t mean your roof isn’t. There is no telling when the roof will eventually give out because of the damage that got worse overtime. It’s better to get the repairs done before it’s too late! 

Regularly Check Gutters- You’ll want to look at your gutters every so often for signs of ice dams and damage. A good way to tell if there are ice dams is if you see icicles hanging off the gutters.  

Roof Inspection- Schedule a roof inspection with your roofing contractor. They can address minor damages before they become disastrous. When you hire a professional, your roof is guaranteed to be taken care of.  

Before winter in Arizona really kicks in, take the necessary steps to ensure your roof is ready and protected. If you are in need of a professional and certified roofing contractor, Almeida Roofing is only a phone call away! 602-743-3175 

How does hail impact the life of your roof?

Hail is one of those things that happens without warning, and there is no way to protect your roof from it. Depending on where you live, hail can be a once-a-year occurrence or a constant threat to your roof. What is so bad about hail? Does it damage your roof as much as we have all been told?

The most common issue that hail causes are leaks. Shingles can be damaged or moved depending on the size of the hail that is hitting your roof. The speed at which hail hits your roof is enough power to shift shingles around or break them, which can lead to leaks in your roof. In addition to leaks, hail can cause holes in your roof, depending on the hail size. Golf ball-sized hail and larger is the most problematic, especially if you haven’t had your roof inspected or replaced in many years. Hail can easily mangle an old or damaged roof.
When your roof is damaged by hail, and it’s not addressed, your roof is exposed to elements like rain and extreme heat and sun that the shingles usually protect it from. Anytime the asphalt under the shingles is exposed too long, the aging process of your roof is accelerated.
After any hail storm, large or small, it’s important to have a trusted roofer inspect for damage.

Standing water on a flat roof

Having gutters installed is the best way to ensure that you have no standing water on your flat roof. Gutters drain and divert the water from the roof and into an area around the house that is a safe distance from the foundation.

If you find standing water on your roof, here are some things you can do. If you have gutters and there is rainwater buildup, be sure to clean and flush the gutters to make sure the path for water to drain is clear. Standing water with clear drains and gutters may mean a low spot on your roof needs repair. If water stands too long in one area, it can create a sag that will hold water even with the best drainage.

If standing water on your flat roof is an issue you can’t solve, please reach out and have a professional check things out. If you have fixed your drainage and standing water is still an issue, have a roof inspection done. A professional can ensure you don’t have water damage or low spots that were created by past standing water.

If you are having issues with standing water on your flat roof, give us a call (602) 743-3175

Roof Coating in Phoenix, Arizona 

Looking for ways to extend the life of your roof? All roofs require the occasional repair and regular maintenance to keep them sturdy and safe. You can also look into getting the roof coated for added protection. Whether it’s for your home or business, there are different types of roof coatings you can choose from.   

1.) Acrylic Roof Coating- Acrylic coatings are common due to costs, being environmentally safe, and the simple process. Not only does the coating protect your roof but it also helps in lowering the roofs temperature saving you money on electricity. If you’re looking for the cheapest option acrylic coating is the way to go but if you want a roof coating that is resistant to all elements and lasts a long time, you’ll want to use a different approach.  

2.) Silicone Roof Coating- Silicone coatings are perfect for intense climates and sun exposure, which we have a lot of in the Phoenix area. The sleek and flat silicone can be covered in layers for extra protection. If looks aren’t a big deal, then coating your roof in silicone may be an option. However, if you’re picky like me, silicone may not be the best idea because dirt and debris get stuck to it easily.  

3.) Polyurethane Roof Coating- Polyurethane coatings are becoming more favored. This coating is known for its durability and resistance from various elements. Having the polyurethane coating reduces the amount of sitting water that can cause roof damage. If price isn’t a deal breaker, this may be the right coating for your roof.  

Are you now looking for a roofing contractor to coat your roof? Almeida Roofing is a certified roofing company that can help answer any questions and coat your roof. If you’re not sure which coating is right for you, don’t stress! We can go over all options and pricing with you! Whether it’s on a commercial building or residential home, let Almeida Roofing take care of your roof.

Call today! 602-743-3175 

Have you heard of living roofs?

What is a living roof? 

A living roof is a roof that is covered in greenery and plants. A living roof must be properly built and waterproof for plants to thrive. 

What is the purpose of a green roof?

Living roofs, or “green roofs,” are aesthetic and a great way to conserve energy by keeping your roof cooler. Like natural insulation, heat is absorbed into the roof instead of attracting it. 

Are they good for the environment? 

Yes, green roofs not only help with cooling costs, as mentioned above, but they also produce oxygen and remove air particles like all other plants on a larger scale. 

Are living roofs hard to maintain?

A living roof requires very little maintenance. The grass and earth protect the waterproof layers from sun damage, so the roof lasts indefinitely. And you never have to paint it or replace tiles.

A few things to consider before dividing if a living roof is for you.

Keep in mind that a living roof isn’t for everyone. They are easy to maintain, but you still need plant knowledge to keep them alive. Climate plays a role in a living roof as well. Dryer climates create the issue of water usage, while humid climates are the best choice for these roofs to thrive with less watering. Also, keep in mind where you live; if you live in a subdivision with an HOA, check with them before making any large changes to your roof. It’s unlikely that your HOA will allow a living roof, as most like for all homes to match color schemes that don’t include green roofs. 

Algae and Moss on your roof on Arizona?

Arizona is a “dry heat” most of the year, but not 100% of the time. Check for moss and algae during the monsoon months; once it’s there, it doesn’t go away; it just dries up when the air gets drier. So yes, you do need to check for moss and algae in Arizona. It may be a smaller chance, but never zero.

Moss and algae can cause significant corrosion to your roof’s shingles. If you find moss or algae growth on your roof, removing it or controlling it is important. Cleaning it yourself is easy but a task that only some are willing or ready to undertake. You can get zinc or iron solutions at your local hardware store to prevent further outbreaks. Cleaning a current outbreak can be as simple as dish soap and water but can sometimes need higher-strength cleaners. Please call a professional if you need help cleaning algae and moss from your roof.