Questions to ask before hiring a Roofing Contractor

The most important investment you’ll make towards your home, is the roof. Regardless if you’re repairing or replacing it, the roofing contractor you choose will determine the overall quality and durability. Having a roof properly installed is crucial when wanting the manufacturer limited warranty coverage on your shingles. Selecting the right roofer to get the job done right, is important. In this blog, we will go over the questions to ask your roofer to ensure you’re making the best decision possible.

Questions to Ask:

  1. Do you have insurance?- The roofing contractor NEEDS to have insurance. It is necessary to have insurance to protect their company as well as yourself in the event an accident occurs.
  2. Do you have a license?- In the state of Arizona, roofers are required to have an ROC license to legally do roof work.
  3. What is your permanent address?- To ensure you’re not left in the dust if something goes wrong, ensure there is a physical address you can go to if worst case scenario.
  4. Are there before and after pictures of previous jobs?- Before and after pictures can give you a good visual representation of what is to be expected.
  5. How many years of experience do you have?- If there website doesn’t say how long they’ve been in business, ask them. It’s likely they haven’t been in business for long if they didn’t put it on the home page of their website.
  6. Are there honest reviews?- To get honest input about this company, read as many reviews as possible, good and bad.
  7. What do you specialize in doing?- Some roofers may specialize in one thing in particular like skylights. Find a roofing expert that specializes in what you need.
  8. What type of training and education do you have?- You’ll want to ensure the roofers are up-to-date on their training and education as new methods and materials develop.
  9. Is a building permit or other approvals required?- This answer depends on your area and their building codes. On Residential properties, HOA might want approval prior to work being performed.
  10. What is the payment process?- Prior to choosing a contractor, have an understanding of what the payment schedule will be like. While it’s acceptable to ask for a deposit before starting work, use caution with contractors who ask for a large amount.

Find a Phoenix, AZ Roofer-

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How much will it cost to replace my roof?

Are you looking to replace your roof soon? First thing you need to do is find the right contractor for your budget that will still offer quality services. When you call around to get quotes from different roofing companies, you’ll get a wide range of numbers starting around $10,000 and going upwards of over $20,000.

There are different variables that play a role in the price of replacing the roof on your Arizona home. These factors include:

  1. Are there numerous layers?
  2. Does the patio connect to the main roof?
  3. Does anything on the roof need to be removed and reinstalled such as an HVAC unit?
  4. What is the roof type? Tile, shingle, or flat?
  5. What is the size of the roof?

When you schedule estimate appointments with the roofing companies, ensure they’re thoroughly assessing your roof to give you an accurate quote. After they complete their inspection, document, and build an estimate, they’ll go over the numbers with you. When they do this, pay attention to what is included in the quote:

  1. Basic company information (Name, Phone, & Address)
  2. Proof of License & Insurance
  3. What is the project timeline?
  4. Cost breakdown
  5. Important roof information
  6. Warranty information

Replace Your Roof- Almeida Roofing Inc.

Almeida Roofing Inc. is a licensed, insured, and experienced roofing company in the Phoenix, Arizona area. When it comes to replacing your roof, you’ll want to hire a professional contractor who will work with your budget. We are the roof experts that will work with you every step of the way to ensure your roof gets replaced without breaking your bank. Our qualified, licensed, insured, and experienced roofers are ready to take on your roof project!

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Common Roof Problems- Phoenix, AZ

For homeowners who live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, know how brutal the summertime can be for us and our homes. Not only is the sun and heat causing us to almost pass out, but our roofs also endure some intense weather day in and day out that can create damage. Though we are known for our dry heat, Arizona has other weather conditions that create havoc for us homeowners. In this blog, we will go over the common roof problems we experience and solutions to ensure your roof remains sturdy and durable all year long.


Overtime, the harsh Arizona sun can be very brutal on our roofs. The roofing materials are deteriorating day by day being exposed to extreme temperatures and harmful UV rays. Asphalt shingles can crack, warp, or lose their granules due to the harsh outside heat.

With routine inspections, you will see signs of heat damage and have the opportunity to fix it before it becomes a bigger problem. If you’re in the market to replace your asphalt roof, consider using heat resistant materials such as tiles or metal. Or, your roofing contractor can apply a reflective roof coating to reduce the amount of heat being absorbed.


We love our monsoon seasons! Heavy rainfall, intense winds, and sometimes hail is exciting to us… like we don’t see it every year. Though it’s fun to watch, our roofs can suffer from structural damage and water leaks.

Prevent water from gathering on your roof by ensuring their is proper drainage. Routinely remove dirt and debris from the gutters and downspouts. Check for loose and damaged tiles or shingles.

Expand and Contract

During the heat of the day, the roof materials will expand while at night, they contract. This thermal shock overtime, causes the materials to lose it’s durability and break.

When replacing your roof, ask for materials that pose less of a thermal shock phenomenon. If you’re not replacing, routine inspections can assist in detecting early signs of damage. Having proper attic insulation can also minimize the effects of thermal shock.

Dust & Debris

We live in a state full of desert. The dust and debris buildup on your roof potentially blocking drains and gutters. When the water has no where to go but to stay sitting on your roof, this can lead to leaks.

Regularly inspect and clean your roof. Debris such as sticks, leaves, branches and dust can accumulate.

Harmful UV Rays

Excessive UV ray exposure breaks down roofing materials causing them to be brittle and lose their durability. This can result in leaks and decreased lifespan.

If it’s too late to choose UV-friendly roofing materials, apply a UV-protectant coating. Don’t skip out on routine maintenance as this can catch early signs of deteriorating roofing materials.


With every roof, comes a roofer who installed it. If your roof wasn’t properly installed by a knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed roofer, this can create issues like leaks and worst of all, collapse.

Find an honest and experienced roofer in your area. They will use the correct skills and materials to meet yours and your roofs standards.


In extremely hot climates, it is imperative to have proper roof and attic ventilation. Without proper ventilation, the increased heat under your roof can cause materials to deteriorate at a faster rate.

Be sure your attic is properly insulated and their is adequate ventilation allowing the hot air to escape.

Animals & Insects

Animals and insects create havoc to our roof with their nesting, chewing, and burrowing.

Yearly inspections aid in spotting early signs of rodent or pest damage. If this is the case, hire someone to get rid of these animals or insects.

When you proactively schedule your yearly inspections and address any concerns, you’re already farther ahead than your average homeowner who doesn’t pay attention to the roof over their head. If you need a trusted roofing contractor, Almeida Roofing Inc. is here to save the day! Our experts will inspect and document any findings to go over with you with options provided. For any questions or to schedule your per-summer roof inspection, call 602-743-3175.

Lifespan of a Shingle Roof

What is the average lifespan of a shingle roof? There are various conditions that affect this answer. We will go over all the information relating to the lifespan of your asphalt roof shingles. Expect to learn the average lifespan, what affects that average, and warning signs it is time replace the shingled roof.

How long are shingled roofs expected to last?

15-30 years is the average lifespan of a shingled roof. Certain factors and your maintenance routine affect the longevity of the shingles. With favorable climates and quality materials, the longer the roof will last. However, we are located in the sunny and hot state of Phoenix, Arizona where the sun doesn’t stop shining and the temperatures keep climbing. Constant exposure to the harsh UV rays cause roofing materials to breakdown losing their durability and reducing lifespan. The lifespan of your roof is dependent on the environmental conditions, quality of installation, and your maintenance routine.

Annual roof maintenance and inspections will aid in keeping the shingles and other roofing materials in overall good condition. A big part of maintenance is ensuring you remove any debris off the roof and repair any leaks. This prevents mold, mildew, and further damage.

When should I replace the shingles?

Pay attention these these signs that illustrate it might be time to replace the shingles:

  1. Age- After 20-30 years, consider replacing the shingles.
  2. Curling- Any shingles that are curling up, replace them before wind and water do further damage.
  3. Missing Shingles- Replace any missing shingles as this can affect the durability of the roof.
  4. Loss of Granule- Observe the gutters for extreme amounts of granule loss. Excessive amounts of granule, means the shingles are deteriorating.
  5. Leaks- Reoccurring leaks need urgent attention and shingles may need to be replaced.

When you’re ready to replace your shingled roof, hire a professional roofer to get the job done right. The right roofing company will use proper craftsmanship to ensure your roof is durable for years and years to come. If you need a roofer who will demonstrate quality work, Almeida Roofing INC. is your go-to company in Phoenix, AZ!

Give us a call at 602-743-3175 to learn more about us and the roofing services we can provide you!

Protect Your Roof From The Arizona Heat

Arizona is known for it’s dry desert and scorching hot summers. These high temperatures are harsh on us Arizonians and our homes roof. While we hide inside, our roof is taking the brunt of these unbearable temperatures. The extreme heat can lead to various issues for your roof, if not corrected right away.

What does the Arizona heat do to my roof?

Arizona’s extremely hot summers can cause destruction to our homes roof.

  1. Thermal Expansion & Contraction- The sudden temperature variations from morning to the evening cause roofing materials to expand during the day when it’s hot and contract during the night when it is cooler outside. Eventually, this can cause cracks, warping, and a reduced roof lifespan.
  2. UV Radiation- Your roofing materials are affected by the intense ultraviolet rays. The rays can breakdown roofing materials causing them to lose their durability and lessen lifespan.
  3. Blistering- Heat-related blistering is caused by trapped moisture getting hot causing the moisture to expand and form blisters. When these blisters are sitting under your roof materials, they can lead to leaks.

Roof Maintenance

If you want to protect your roof from the harsh Arizona heat, start implementing these proactive practices:

  1. Annual Roof Inspections
  2. Clear Debris
  3. Inspect and seal leaks
  4. Repair damaged areas

Why are annual roof inspections important?

Routine maintenance for your roof is important for longevity and avoiding costly, unexpected repairs. This is why:

  1. Preparation- Getting your roof inspected can aid in finding minor issues and repairing them before the damage becomes extensive and expensive.
  2. Home Value- A home that has a sturdy, maintained, and beautiful roof has a curb appeal buyer’s wouldn’t want to pass up.

Don’t let the Arizona heat damage your roof. Be sure to do your part in maintenance and calling Almeida Roofing INC. every year to schedule a roof inspection with one of our roofing experts. We look forward to hearing from you!