Common roofing questions

What are the first signs my roof has problems?
Things like missing shingles, water stains inside the home, or exposed roof components can all be your first signs of a problem with your roof.

What do I do if I have a roof leak?
Remember that a roof leak does not mean you need a whole new roof; it could be a matter of repair. The first step is to get someone to inspect and find out why your roof leaks. If there’s damage from a storm, it may be an insurance issue, and the next step would be to contact your homeowner’s insurance to see what they cover based on what you are inspector said.

How long does it take to replace your roof?
In most cases, one day, but that depends on the weather and crew size.

What should you ask a roofing company before hiring them?
Please don’t be shy when asking questions to a possible roofing contractor. Be sure to ask about insurance, if their license checks reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings, ask for references, and find out what sort of warranties are included in your new roof or any work the contractor does.