Prevent Roof Damage This Winter  

Some of us love the cooler weather and fun winter brings. The temperatures here in the Phoenix, Arizona area lower but not enough to snow so we’re still able to enjoy the outdoors! A common favorite is sipping on hot coco next to a fire. While enjoying your warm drink by the fire, your roof could be suffering from the winter weather. Your roof protects you all winter long and deserves to be protected too. Here are some roof maintenance tips you could use to this season… 

Remove Snow- If you are in an area that gets snow whether it’s Flagstaff, Payson, Sedona, or any other city… remove the snow from your roof sooner than later. I know I know, the snow on the roof is a beautiful winter site to see but your roof doesn’t care. The snow creates heavy weight and the water can cause damage.  

Repairs- Get those roof repairs done that you’ve been holding off on! Just because you’re not ready doesn’t mean your roof isn’t. There is no telling when the roof will eventually give out because of the damage that got worse overtime. It’s better to get the repairs done before it’s too late! 

Regularly Check Gutters- You’ll want to look at your gutters every so often for signs of ice dams and damage. A good way to tell if there are ice dams is if you see icicles hanging off the gutters.  

Roof Inspection- Schedule a roof inspection with your roofing contractor. They can address minor damages before they become disastrous. When you hire a professional, your roof is guaranteed to be taken care of.  

Before winter in Arizona really kicks in, take the necessary steps to ensure your roof is ready and protected. If you are in need of a professional and certified roofing contractor, Almeida Roofing is only a phone call away! 602-743-3175