Standing water on a flat roof

Having gutters installed is the best way to ensure that you have no standing water on your flat roof. Gutters drain and divert the water from the roof and into an area around the house that is a safe distance from the foundation.

If you find standing water on your roof, here are some things you can do. If you have gutters and there is rainwater buildup, be sure to clean and flush the gutters to make sure the path for water to drain is clear. Standing water with clear drains and gutters may mean a low spot on your roof needs repair. If water stands too long in one area, it can create a sag that will hold water even with the best drainage.

If standing water on your flat roof is an issue you can’t solve, please reach out and have a professional check things out. If you have fixed your drainage and standing water is still an issue, have a roof inspection done. A professional can ensure you don’t have water damage or low spots that were created by past standing water.

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