Can you replace your roof in the wintertime?

In some climates, like here in Phoenix, winter is a great time to get a new roof. Winter in colder climates isn’t always the ideal time to have your roof replaced because ice and snow can make being on your roof very dangerous.
You also must remember that when your roof is being replaced in the wintertime, your home won’t be as protected as it should be to keep the cold out. While roof replacements under good conditions are quick. You always run the risk of your home being exposed to winter elements. In Arizona, we don’t have to worry too much about super cold temperatures, ice, and snow, but depending on the winter, we have rain, and damp conditions can cause a bit of ice on early morning roofs.

So we say yes, your roof can be replaced in the wintertime; it’s just important to make sure that all the weather conditions are ideal for protecting the safely of workers and your family.