Roofing Repair in Phoenix, AZ

As a homeowner, you go through different stresses that occur usually at the worst times. A/C goes out during a birthday party in July, the toilet is out of order while your in-laws are in town, or the ceiling collapsing during a family dinner. Sound like a memory of one of yours?  

When these unfortunate events happen, you want to have a trusted company ready to dial in your cell phone. For your A/C in the summer, have an HVAC contractor in mind. When the toilet takes a dump, have the plumber’s number handy. Most importantly, when you need roof repair, have your roofing contractor’s number on speed dial! 

The roofing contractor you can trust to call for all roof repair needs is Almedia Roofing Inc. at 602-743-3175. Keep our number saved in your phone so when you have an emergency roof issue, you can call us right away! Our licensed and certified roofing experts have the knowledge and skills to handle any roof repair, big or small. We take pride in our work and demonstrate that through our positive customer service. Let Almeida Roofing Inc. demonstrate this for you! 

For all roofing repairs, call the experts at 602-743-3175. 

Water Leak Repair in Desert Hills

Roof Water Leak Repair in Desert Hills

Arizona is such a pretty place to live, with beautiful weather several months of the year.

Then comes the blistering summer heat, the beautiful, powerful and also damaging summer monsoon storms which result in damage insurance claims every year.  The roof of the home is often times  the first line of defense from these heavy storms and scorching heat.  Most roofs can easily withstand most Arizona monsoon storms, however with the unpredictable winds and water damaged shingles go flying, roof tile can crack from falling debris and existing roof damage is exasperated.

When you need a roofing repair, don’t procrastinate – roofing problems usually get worse over time. Call us today to get a free estimate on fixing it now – 602-743-3175

Tile Roof Storm Damage Repair

Top quality tile roofing not only looks fantastic and lasts for years, it's also excellent protection against the elements that's very easy to maintain. When it does need repaired or replaced, Almeida is a leading roofing company in Desert Hills as well as the entire Phoenix Metro area.

Shingle Roof Storm Damage Repair

Repairing shingle roofs may seem like a fairly complicated task, but with our experienced and friendly professionals on the job you’ll see just how quickly and easily it can come together. We have been installing and repairing shingle roofs for many years, and we do it right the first time.

Flat Roof Storm Damage Repair

Flat roofs are an excellent solution for many buildings. They provide a remarkable seal that lasts, and a simple, practical style that works really well with many buildings and homes. Flat roof repair requires a different set of skills than the more traditional asphalt shingle roofs.

Water Is Beautiful... OUTSIDE!

Water is one of the most beautiful natural elements… in the right setting that is.  If you are wanting to go camping, fishing or just go find your Zen on the water, these are all fabulous examples of how water is so key to not only our survival — but also our pleasure.  Backyard pools, rain storms and more are also wonderful elements of our life that couldn’t be without water.  The human body is primarily made up of water.  Our clothes and dishes wouldn’t be very clean without water.  You see where this is going.  Water is a must have.

Leaky Roofs and Leaky Plumbing

This water is never a welcome guest in any home.  The inevitable truth to water being all around us, is at some point a water leak will probably happen.  There are a lot of ways to help prevent ever seeing a water leak like keeping your roof maintained and in good shape.  Roof tiles and roofs that are not being cared for can wear out before their time. Tire roofs, as strong as the tile is can be damaged having moss and other unwelcomed things nestling on the underlayment causing damage.  Roof inspections in Phoenix are suggested if you have an older roof, or just general concerns.  The sooner you get the roof inspection and the roof diagnosis, you can put a plan of repair into action before that next monsoon storm comes — preventing further damage.

The Roof Is Not Seen 

The roof is the first line of defense against the elements, and vital to the safety of everything and everyone in your home, however the roof becomes the least thought about part of your home  … till there is a failure that is!  Things that are not often thought about can be brewing on your roof, and you don’t even know.  The picture below shows a seemingly good roof from the street view, but after a water leak and inspection all this moss was seen forming. 6 Signs You Need A New Roof

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We all are great procrastinators when it comes to repairing things that need urgent attention. But, sometimes, everything in our houses needs quick inspection because it is ‘better safe than sorry’. The roof, which covers the top of our heads, is the most vulnerable entity in our houses. It keeps us safe from storms, heat, cold, and whatnot. Therefore, whenever there is time, one should always get his/her roof checked by the local roofing contractors. People usually go for their roof inspection during summers, because nobody even feels like stepping out during winters. However, this is not always true and it shouldn’t be made hard and fast’.

The summer remains the busiest time of the year for roofing repair services because the weather can usually be predicted during these days. Plus, people usually have enough free time to do all the minor checks during summers. But interestingly, even during winters, one can get the roofing services at affordable prices. This happens because the winter remains quite an off-season for this work. Therefore, some roofers even give discounted prices, free roof estimate, and also a free roof repair estimate. Hence, never go by the fact that roof repairing services are always done during summers. It stands to be a myth. The important point is to get the roof checked by roofing repair services, at least once in a year. Some people tend to ignore it, therefore today, let’s walk you through all the benefits of availing roofing repair services within your roof repair estimate

1. Extended Lifespan With Roof Repair

Sometimes, people tend to not repair and look after their roofs and go on living under the age-old ones. This, at times, may turn out to be very risky. One can never predict when their roof is going to come down out of nowhere. One should get a regular roof check, at least once in a year. If deemed necessary, then the entire roof must be changed, if it has been persisting for an extremely long time. Local roofing contractors will provide the best roofing materials at affordable prices and hence, increase its lifespan by 15-25 years. If one lives in an area where the weather conditions are extreme, then roofing checking must be done immediately.

2. Regular Maintenance Helps Identify Weak Points

One may never realize where their roof might be leaking internally. But, an expert roofer can. With regular maintenance, the roofer can identify all the weak points on the roof and fix them immediately. This helps to avoid problems that might arise in the future. Sometimes, experts even give a free roof estimate if there arises a need to change it. Above all, regular checks can help to avoid expensive damages and take action immediately in order to avoid them.

3. Clean-Up

Your roof might not need any repairs, urgently but it necessarily needs a mandatory clean-up, frequently. However, cleaning up is a very risky task and must be done by experts, especially by local roofing contractors. Usually, leaves get stuck on the roof and cause rainwater to flow from other sides. This is not the only reason why the roof needs a regular clean-up. Other minor problems like birds nesting, twigs, minor leaks, etc. can also end up becoming major ones in the future. For clean-up services, there are agencies to provide them at very affordable prices.

4. Savings

Roofing repair services can not only protect one’s family from accidents and mishaps but can also help in saving a lot of money. Usually, local roofing contractors not only give repairing services at discounted prices, but they also give a free roof estimate if one needs to change the roof immediately. They also provide the best quality materials at very affordable prices, which last not less than 25 years. This, however, helps in reducing the need for future repairs. Therefore, one should always opt for expert roofing repair services because they give the best service which can easily fit within one’s roof repair estimate. They are skilled enough to complete the work on time and save a family from extreme weather conditions.


Yes, roof repairing is not an easy task but is a mandatory one. Therefore, one must never be apathetic towards the roof that is protecting his/her family. It is important to always hire expert roofers who can provide the best roofing services at affordable prices. It’s always better to get a free roof estimate in case one needs a complete roof change. A roof can not only protect a family, but it can also add up to the beauty of the house. Thus, it must be regularly looked after and tended accordingly. So, get in touch with a professional roof repairing company and get all the benefits that can easily fit within one’s roof repair estimate.