Foam Roofing

Have you thought about foam roofing for your Phoenix, Arizona home? As Arizonians, we look for anyway to cool down during the long summer months. Whether it’s spending hours in the pool or sitting in front of a fan all day, we will do whatever we can. Fortunately, there are ways of cooling our homes down and one of those is foam roofing.  

What is Foam Roofing? 

Foam roofing is the process of spraying a commonly flat roof with a Polyurethane Foam that expands about 20x to cover the entire roof. The foam thickens and solidifies to create a waterproof barrier.  

What is the Foam Roofing installation process like?  

  1. Roof prep includes clearing debris and gravel. 
  1. From a machine inside the truck, the hose will be connected to include the spray gun at the end. 
  1. The roofer will bring the spray gun alongside the house and onto the roof to begin the spray foam process. 
  1. For the first layer, the Polyurethane foam will be sprayed. 
  1. The second layer will be a base coat of paint.  
  1. Following the second layer will be the white topcoat.   

What are the benefits of Foam Roofing? 

  • Lightweight 
  • Durable 
  • Seamless  
  • Waterproof  
  • Seals against leaks, watertight 
  • Energy Efficient  
  • Extend the light of your HVAC unit 
  • Reduces heat 
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to maintain  
  • Renewable 
  • Protects against UV Rays 

If you’re interested in foam for your roof, call the roof experts at Almeida Roofing Inc. We have the crew to do any job, big or small.

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Waterproofing Your Roof

During monsoon season in Arizona, we can get a lot of rain and humidity. The first thing that gets hit with the heavy rainfall and high humidity is your roof. Water can cause a lot of issues to your roof if moisture gets trapped. To avoid this, it’s best to waterproof the roof. You’ll want to waterproof under and over the shingles.  

Waterproofing Under the Shingles- The most common roof type are shingle roofs. These shingled roofs should contain a strong waterproof material like tar paper or roofing felt that will go between the rafters and shingles. You can also waterproof under the shingles using thermoplastic polyolefin.  

Waterproofing Over the Shingles- When you waterproof the shingles, you can get a few more years without having to replace the roof. You’ll want to get a waterproofing compound and spray, roll, or brush onto each shingle. You can go with an oil-based compound that lasts longer or a water-based compound that is more environmentally friendly.  

It is important to note that these both need to be done for your roof to be the most waterproofed as possible. Start with hiring a roofing contractor to waterproof under the shingles. They can safely and professionally do this for you. Then, either they can waterproof over the shingles or you can if you’re not concerned about safety.  

Almeida Roofing is a certified and professional roofing company in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Our trained roofing specialist can assist with properly waterproofing your roof. We pride ourselves in taking care of our clients to the best of our ability! Almeida Roofing is here for all your roofing needs! 602-743-3175