Roof Damage After a Storm 

What a weird couple of weeks it has been with all this rain! Homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona is used to seeing most of the rain activity during monsoon season in the summer months. These storms aren’t just bringing more rain… the wind and hail too! We haven’t had hail in what seems like years! Maybe it’s […]

4 Benefits to Replacing Your Roof 

When you start noticing more and more damage on your roof, it creates a sudden concern because you don’t know when it’ll eventually give out. You don’t want to be sitting on the couch with your family watching a movie when the roof suddenly comes crashing down! Waiting too long to replace the roof is dangerous […]

Spring Cleaning Roof Checklist

It’s barely the new year, but spring will have rolled around before you know it. It will soon be time to check on your roof to get ready for the summer.Here is a list of a few things to check once it starts to warm up. Clear Off All Debris from roof and gutter – […]

Can you replace your roof in the wintertime?

In some climates, like here in Phoenix, winter is a great time to get a new roof. Winter in colder climates isn’t always the ideal time to have your roof replaced because ice and snow can make being on your roof very dangerous.You also must remember that when your roof is being replaced in the […]

New Year, New Roof! 

Can you believe it’s already 2023?! This new year brings us the opportunity to make a change and start fresh. What is your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you want to change your outlook on life and be more positive. Or focus more on your health like eating healthier and exercising more. Maybe it’s something around the […]

Can rain damage my roof? 

Being a homeowner means all the repairs and upgrades are our responsibility. We no longer have the luxury of calling the maintenance guy or property management company to fix the leaky sink and not have to pay a dime. When damages occur and repairs need to be done on our home, we are never ready […]

Prevent Roof Damage This Winter  

Some of us love the cooler weather and fun winter brings. The temperatures here in the Phoenix, Arizona area lower but not enough to snow so we’re still able to enjoy the outdoors! A common favorite is sipping on hot coco next to a fire. While enjoying your warm drink by the fire, your roof […]

How does hail impact the life of your roof?

Hail is one of those things that happens without warning, and there is no way to protect your roof from it. Depending on where you live, hail can be a once-a-year occurrence or a constant threat to your roof. What is so bad about hail? Does it damage your roof as much as we have […]

Standing water on a flat roof

Having gutters installed is the best way to ensure that you have no standing water on your flat roof. Gutters drain and divert the water from the roof and into an area around the house that is a safe distance from the foundation. If you find standing water on your roof, here are some things […]

Roof Coating in Phoenix, Arizona 

Looking for ways to extend the life of your roof? All roofs require the occasional repair and regular maintenance to keep them sturdy and safe. You can also look into getting the roof coated for added protection. Whether it’s for your home or business, there are different types of roof coatings you can choose from.    […]