Have you heard of living roofs?

What is a living roof?  A living roof is a roof that is covered in greenery and plants. A living roof must be properly built and waterproof for plants to thrive.  What is the purpose of a green roof? Living roofs, or “green roofs,” are aesthetic and a great way to conserve energy by keeping […]

Algae and Moss on your roof on Arizona?

Arizona is a “dry heat” most of the year, but not 100% of the time. Check for moss and algae during the monsoon months; once it’s there, it doesn’t go away; it just dries up when the air gets drier. So yes, you do need to check for moss and algae in Arizona. It may […]

Should you replace or repair your roof?

Maybe you have a leak, or there is just a spot on your roof that’s looking a little bit rough; how do you know when it’s time to replace your roof or just repair the damage? The first step you need to take for any issues with your roof is to get it inspected by […]

Why Do You Need to Maintain Your Roof? 

When you put the care into your roof by having regular maintenance done, it benefits the long-term health and structure of your roof. If you get a new roof and it’s properly installed, it is still important to maintain your investment with annual maintenance. Not only are you increasing the roofs lifespan, it’s also a […]

Preparing your roof for winter.

Check Your Roofline  Check your roof line for sagging. Your roofline should be straight, so any signs of drooping or curving may mean you need to investigate. A saggy roof can cause frame issues, so catching it early is key. Check Chimney Flashing For Leaks   Chimney flashing is the strip of metal that seals the […]

Ice Dam’s on a Roof & How to Avoid Them 

You might be wondering what an Ice Dam on a Roof is especially if you’re from the Phoenix, Arizona area. To answer your question, an ice dam is a rim of ice that builds at the ends of the roof. When this occurs, it prevents the water caused by rain and melting snow from draining […]

3 signs you need roof repairs

Interior leaks: Any discolored patches on ceilings are a good sign that your roof needs repairs. Checking attic and crawl spaces for discoloration is also a good idea as often, the damage will show there before the ceilings of the home interior.  Moldy or moss-covered patches on the roof: Moss on a roof can look very neat, […]

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Programs For Business Owners

If you own or manage a Commercial building, you know there are a million different things you’re responsible for. One of those things, is the roof on the building. Roof repairs can be expensive and inconvenient for your business. Having a Roof Maintenance plan would aid in unexpected roof repairs.   Here in the Phoenix […]

National Bologna Day

Every year on October 24th, people from all across the nation celebrate National Balogna day with a sandwich, but what other ways are there to enjoy this meaty delight? Have you ever tried fried bologna? This seems to be a treat that is enjoyed mostly in the south. While not deep fried, fried bologna is […]