How does hail impact the life of your roof?

Hail is one of those things that happens without warning, and there is no way to protect your roof from it. Depending on where you live, hail can be a once-a-year occurrence or a constant threat to your roof. What is so bad about hail? Does it damage your roof as much as we have all been told?

The most common issue that hail causes are leaks. Shingles can be damaged or moved depending on the size of the hail that is hitting your roof. The speed at which hail hits your roof is enough power to shift shingles around or break them, which can lead to leaks in your roof. In addition to leaks, hail can cause holes in your roof, depending on the hail size. Golf ball-sized hail and larger is the most problematic, especially if you haven’t had your roof inspected or replaced in many years. Hail can easily mangle an old or damaged roof.
When your roof is damaged by hail, and it’s not addressed, your roof is exposed to elements like rain and extreme heat and sun that the shingles usually protect it from. Anytime the asphalt under the shingles is exposed too long, the aging process of your roof is accelerated.
After any hail storm, large or small, it’s important to have a trusted roofer inspect for damage.