The roof gives us shade and protection for a safe and secured life. There are two categories of the roof. One is a residential roof for residential properties, and the other one is a commercial roof for commercial properties.

Many of us are still unaware of the basic differences between commercial roofing and residential roofing. But as the owner of the property, it is a must for you to understand the differences. If you wish to avail roofing services for your residential roof repair or commercial flat roof repair, then learn the difference. We are sharing the key differences between the two.

  • The most significant variance between the two types of roofing is the design. In general, commercial roofs are larger in footage area than residential roofs. Commercial roofing needs extra support, whereas residential roofs come with pitched roofs along with higher slopes. Hence residential roofs are easy to install and repair too.
  • The usage of the material for repairing a roof depends on the type of roof. The commercial roof, in general, remains flat, and it covers a bigger space. Hence the use of the material will be different than that of a residential roof. But in general, ceramic, asphalt, metal are used for both types of roof repairing and maintenance. Here, you need to ask the experts of commercial roofing companies and know the type of materials they will use.
  • A commercial roof gets constructed for a large space, and hence it demands more maintenance. The maintenance task of the commercial roof includes cleaning of gutter regularly, cleaning debris, etc. The shingles on the roof of metal shingles with time get deteriorated, and hence you need to inspect them regularly. But, in the case of residential roofing, the maintenance task is a bit easier than commercial roofing. A residential roof is small in size, and hence it is easy to inspect the entire area at regular intervals. Most of the time, you don’t need to call a professional to clean the gutter and debris.
  • The cost of installation of a new roof is more in the case of a commercial roof. Commercial roofs cover a large space. Well, due to more footage, a commercial roofing company charges more for the installation of a commercial roof. The residential roof covers a smaller area than commercial roofing, and hence the installation cost is lower than commercial roofing.
  • Besides installation, experts also charge more in commercial roof repairing than residential roof repairing. Hence you can opt for a cheap roof repair service for residential roofing.
  • A residential roof is easy to install than a commercial roof. Only if you opt for installing a chimney, the installation task can become complicated in the case of residential roofing. But in the case of commercial roofing, lots of areas are to be noted during the installation process. Here the experts need to check the placement of smokestacks, external piping system, airflow system, and more while installing a commercial roof.

Hence from the above details, you may understand the basic differences between commercial and residential roofing. When you own the property and are responsible for its maintenance, you need to take care of the roof quality and health too. Many companies are into the roofing business. You need to select the one who can offer the service as per your expectations. But how to decide which among them will be the best for you? Few things can help you to decide the same.

1. What is the experience of the company? More experience more will be the chance to get quality services from the company.

2. What is the reputation of the company? Along with experience, the most important thing that you need to check is its reputation. For this, you can check the reviews of the customers who already availed of services. It will give you an idea about the service quality.

3. What are the experiences of the roofing contractors? The contractors or the roofing staffs are the ones who will repair the roof. In addition to the company experience, you need to check the experience of the on-field staff. You can ask for proof if you want.

4. What are the fees for the service? It is one of the most critical points to consider, and you need to compare the cost with the market rates.
After checking the above points, it will be easy for you to decide the best company for your roofing services. Hire the best company for your service.


Roofs are the most important part of a foundation. It is the indispensable part that completes the whole purpose of residence. The true protection of accommodation is defined by the solidness of the roof part. Be it a house or a school or an institution or a sector office, the roofing of the foundation should be well constructed to ensure maximum protection from outside and atmospheric factors. Commercial roofing companies are in high consumer demand, as their services assure comprehension roofing jobs for various types of foundations. Whether you want to fix faulty roofing or reconstruct a whole new roofing design, these companies can give you ultimate compensations in this task. From roof inspection to the settlement of new shingles, from fixing faulty areas to renovating the whole designs, the reliable roofing companies execute each task very skillfully while ensuring maximum protection and refuge for the residents. Let’s have a look into the overall services that are being provided by some of the top-rated commercial roofing companies-

These Roofing Services Are As Follows

Roofing Consulting:

If you are planning to build a new house and are confused to determine which roofing designs will give your residence the ultimate luxurious look within the budget, then you should not worry for more! These roofing companies have a crew of expert exterior experts and architecture engineers who can plan a well-defined roofing blueprint that not only suits your accommodation type but also fit under your overall budget. Their well-thought roofing designs will also earn you utility purposes that can give your residence functional features even from the top interface.

Roof Construction:

If you already have pre-planned roofing design but are too skeptical to believe in your regular builders that they don’t ruin your plan, then you must look for professionals commercial roofing contractor Phoenix who are specialized in this category of building. They are well-equipped with the modern designs and approaches to building to most contemporary roofing according to the client’s demand without leaving scope for regret. The professionals will thoroughly consider your pre-planned designs and will make sufficient modifications if required. They will invest their years of expertise, architectural skills, and exceptional engineering talents to build you the desired roofing design of your dream.

Roofing Inspection And Fixing:

If your roof is leaking or has other faulty issues then you must look for roofing assistance from accredited roofing companies instead of doing it for yourself. First of all, fixing roofing problems without considering the risk, can fetch you into serious and potential accidents. Instead of harming yourself due to an unexpected fall from the top for taking appropriate safety measures, it is better to avail of the secure service of roofing inspection. You may think that the roofing problem is minor and you can easily send the issue by yourself, but it is really a bad idea to take such a risk job on your own hand. Remember there are experts for these jobs and you have no experience. You would rather invite unnecessary problems if you make a little mistake either in the fixing method or while fastening a good grip on the top. Commercial roofing companies near me can properly help you in fixing your roof properly. The experts will come to the place and make roofing inspections properly. They inform you about the severity of the roofing damage and will let you know the root cause. Then they will tactically fix the problem in a way so that the problem not only gets fixed but also never occurs in the future.

Roofing Remodelling:

Top-rated roofing companies also recruit well-equipped and trained commercial roofing contractors Glendale who are fully experts in the roofing remodeling task. IF you want to remodel or renovate your house roofing according to contemporary style adopting new designs and shingles styles, make sure you seek professional assistance from these companies. The roofing experts are well-acquainted with trendiest roofing styles and have in-depth knowledge regarding various contemporary roofing designs. They efficiently grasp the ideas of their clients and turn the idea into reality. They can do an entire renovation of your roofing area ensuring that you are spending money on a worthwhile job.


So these are four general services usually offered by commercial roofing companies. A reliable roofing company offers quality services at a very inexpensive rate so that all general people can avail the best service without burning a hole in their pocket. The services are very promising and the crew of engineers confirms prompt completion of the roofing entire task.

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Roof repair and maintenance are two tasks that should go hand in hand. If the roof repairs are done and not maintained, the roof is more prone to get penetrated with the similar issue anytime soon. Especially for commercial roofing, it is important that a tight and well-laid maintenance program is set in place to deal with roof related damages and concerns in time.

Even the best roof repair in Glendale cannot withstand the effects of weather, untimely storms or damage if timely visits and attention is not paid to newly laid or repaired roof. The most common issues such as debris blocked drainage and some cuts in the roof are easy to get fixed if given attention on time; however if the same is left unnoticed, these could lead to calling for professional assistance from commercial roofing contractor in Glendale and cause catastrophic roof collapse, failure, along with severe structural damage.

As per the assessment of companies who have set in place a good roof maintenance program claim that it helps to add 10 percent life to their existing roof by taking corrective actions on time.  Listed below are certain steps that can help any commercial set-up to fix a plan taking help from commercial roofing company in Glendale and take proactive measures for energy optimization and cleaning the roof. Some of the effective Tips to Ascertain Quality Roof Installation for selecting a perfect roof management program are enlisted below:

  • Every program should lay down the predictable annual and lifetime repair and maintenance costs that the property owner needs to shell out annually
  • It must contain history reports for the roof along with its periodic inspection checklists, emergency major repairs done, and a detailed five- year foreshadowing plan to execute roof replacement to recognize trends.
  • It must interface with facility’s maintenance system, to work in harmony with the other parts of the facility
  • It must comply with safety concerns and repairs of any sort must be done by roofing service technician
  • For commercial roofing contractors in Glendalea disciplined process needs to be followed that includes placing information in a format that can be easily reviewed and understood by the managements for immediate decision-making.