Foam Roof perks 101

So you’re only just hearing about foam roofs and want to know more? If you’re wondering whether it’s for your home or not, you’re in the right place to form a decision of your own based off of the information provided here!
Here are a couple perks to foam roofs you may want to know:

Water resistant

It can be hard to believe in such a dry state such at Arizona, but keep in mind we have monsoons!

We get down pour in just a matter of minutes when it comes to the storms we get,
waterproofing your roof can make or break your home!

Excellent Drainage

Moving on from rain, to more rain! When it comes to foam roofs, the sloping and build of them tend to allow a proper path for the water to run through gutters easier.

Lower Energy Bills

Did you know that with foam roofs you can decrease your energy bills by 30%?
Yep, it’s the truth! Due to the UV ray reflecting properties within the foam, less heating is required during the cold months and less cooling is needed for the hotter months. They’re the best insulation on the market!

Easy Installation

New or old roofs are able to receive foam roofing services; no, we’re not kidding. Foam roofs don’t discriminate on shape either, regardless of whether your roof is a one shape, flat, metal, concrete, etc. foam roofs are installable!


Don’t let its foam qualities fool you, the rigidness of foam roofs aren’t something to scoff at!
They’re durable enough to tough out impacts, storms, high winds, and even the occasional cat on the roof.

So now that you have the perks of foam roofs, do you see yourself getting it soon?
When you’re ready, so is Almeida Roofing Inc.!
We’re here to ensure every roofing project goes smoothly and affordably!