3 signs you need roof repairs

Interior leaks: Any discolored patches on ceilings are a good sign that your roof needs repairs. Checking attic and crawl spaces for discoloration is also a good idea as often, the damage will show there before the ceilings of the home interior. 

Moldy or moss-covered patches on the roof: Moss on a roof can look very neat, but we can assure you that it is doing more harm than good. Moss or mold means moisture is trapped long enough between or under shingles to promote growth. There should be no standing water or moisture on your roof. Over time moss breaks down your roof and may cause mold or moss to grow inside the home. 

Missing or damaged shingles: After storms, you may have damage without even realizing it. With gusty winds, shingles come loose and can blow away, so there won’t be any signs of fallen shingles on the ground. Getting up to your roof is the best way to check, or give us a call, and we can take a look. Shingles that come loose are a big deal because not only is your roof not being protected in that area of your roof, but they can also fall off and block your gutters and cause more issues.