Do Solar Panels Damage Your Roof? 

Solar has become extremely popular over the years. More and more homeowners are seeking to reduce utility costs and go green… A solar system is a great way to do that. You may now be one of those people considering joining the solar team. As you do your research, different questions will arise like, “What will happen to my roof if I install solar?” This is a fair question considering they will most likely be drilling holes in the roof to properly install the solar.  

Solar panels are not specifically bad for your roof. What makes the difference is how they are installed. The average solar system installation consists of bolting panels to the roof with nails, bolts, and straps. Different solar systems and roof types determine how install will be performed. People get concerned when they find out there are going to be holes drilled because there is an increased chance for water leaks. Water damage and mold growth become more of a possibility from water leaks if there are unsealed holes in the roof. The contractor installing the solar should verify everything is sealed properly. Hire a solar installer based on quality, not who has the cheapest price. You may spend more money on a quality solar installer but that money won’t have to be spent on repairing or replacing the roof!  

Let me take your mind off the holes and bring in some positivity by saying that solar panels actually offer the roof protection. The panels create a defensive barrier between outside elements and your roof. Nature has her beautiful but potentially destructive elements such as wind, snow, and rain. The solar panels aid in protecting the roof from these elements. Also, let’s not forget about that harsh Arizona sun.. Solar panels offer plenty of shade! Providing added protection, extends the lifespan of your roof and saves you money.  

Based off this information, installing a solar system can help in preserving your roof. If you’ve made the decision in moving forward on purchasing solar, spend time finding a qualified installer that demonstrates the value of quality work. For a better piece of mind, you can ask them to show you pictures verifying everything is sealed. By hiring a trusted installer, you should feel satisfied knowing you’ll be saving money and providing the roof more protection from the elements and sun. For any roofing questions, reach out to us at Almeida Roofing. 602-743-3175