Did you damage your roof last Christmas? Are you not sure about how to put the lights over it this time to stay safe?

Well, this article covers all the major pointers that will help you avoid causing damage to your roof surface on this Christmas. For every homeowner it is important to understand that the Christmas light decoration can be harmless if it is done in a certain way. As suggested by esteemed home roofing contractor, here are some of the ways that will help you prevent roof damage when hanging Christmas lights this year.

Decor Roof Without Damaging

  • Avoid creating holes in your roof: This practice has penalized many by demanding huge investment in taking residential roofing services. While homes with Christmas Lights look absolutely stunning, putting holes to clip lights with it can make its exterior absolutely weak and vulnerable. Creating a small hole has the bright chances to expand as bigger ones causing the surface to leak and have moisture related problems.As a safe approach, try stapling lights to the wooden eaves that are set on the roof circumference. In a nutshell, best is to avoid using nails,staples, and screws on the roof for hanging lights.
  • Use Plastic Clips: Experts advice to use plastic clips for laying Christmas lights from the roof. On a market survey, you will find that these clips are available in different styles, and can be selected as per individual preferences. These clips also facilitate the homeowners to attach these lights to shingles or eaves without a chance of damage. As safe investment, go for all-in-one clips that can be used for shingles, whereas roof clips are suitable for clay tile, and eave clips or are best to attach stringing lights with roof peak. Parrot Clips are the best pick from homes that have flat roofs.
  • Be careful while walking on Your Roof: Until you wish to carry out-detailed roof inspection, it is best to avoid walking on the roof. Use a ladder to attach lights to the roof. Roofers who come to estimate roof repair cost wear soft-soled shoes and tread gently top avoid further damage.