Have you heard of living roofs?

What is a living roof? 

A living roof is a roof that is covered in greenery and plants. A living roof must be properly built and waterproof for plants to thrive. 

What is the purpose of a green roof?

Living roofs, or “green roofs,” are aesthetic and a great way to conserve energy by keeping your roof cooler. Like natural insulation, heat is absorbed into the roof instead of attracting it. 

Are they good for the environment? 

Yes, green roofs not only help with cooling costs, as mentioned above, but they also produce oxygen and remove air particles like all other plants on a larger scale. 

Are living roofs hard to maintain?

A living roof requires very little maintenance. The grass and earth protect the waterproof layers from sun damage, so the roof lasts indefinitely. And you never have to paint it or replace tiles.

A few things to consider before dividing if a living roof is for you.

Keep in mind that a living roof isn’t for everyone. They are easy to maintain, but you still need plant knowledge to keep them alive. Climate plays a role in a living roof as well. Dryer climates create the issue of water usage, while humid climates are the best choice for these roofs to thrive with less watering. Also, keep in mind where you live; if you live in a subdivision with an HOA, check with them before making any large changes to your roof. It’s unlikely that your HOA will allow a living roof, as most like for all homes to match color schemes that don’t include green roofs.