Roof inspections for new homeowners

Do you need a roof inspection?

Sometimes, yes. You should always get a full home inspection when purchasing a new home. There was a time when it was common to waive inspections, but regardless of how badly you want a home, you should always get an inspection, so you know the condition of your home. This goes for the whole home, but also the roof. Think of home inspectors like general practitioners; they sort of have to know a little bit about everything. Think of a roof inspector as a specialist. If your home inspector returns with anything about your roof on their report, you need to call a roof inspector to take a closer look. You will want someone with the expertise to get to the root of any issues.  

What gets inspected?

When your roof is inspected, the inspector is looking for any damage to your roof. Damage can be caused by leaks, mold, moss, etc. inspectors also look over the integrity of your roof, like the full condition of roofing materials and the Condition of flashings and roof penetrations. Your inspector should inspect not just the roof but things that are involved with your roof, like any skylights, pipework that should be sealed, and even your gutters.