How to clean your gutters.

Keeping clean gutters is an important part of roof health. Having gutters back up can cause pooling and leaks and can lead to damage. 

When cleaning your gutters, safety is key. If you feel like you can not clean safely, hire a professional to help. Wearing gloves is also key to protecting your hands from anything sharp that may have ended up in your gutter. 

After the safety steps have been taken, remove and clean the downspout strainers. Depending on your roof, a ladder or access to the roof is needed to clear all the trim gutters around the house. Remove anything large that has become lodged and could cause a possible blockage. After removing large debris, you should be able to take a hose and spray water into the gutters to clear out small leaves and left sticks. This is also a good test to see if you have successfully cleared out your gutters completely. The water should run freely and out without any obstructions.