Algae and Moss on your roof on Arizona?

Arizona is a “dry heat” most of the year, but not 100% of the time. Check for moss and algae during the monsoon months; once it’s there, it doesn’t go away; it just dries up when the air gets drier. So yes, you do need to check for moss and algae in Arizona. It may be a smaller chance, but never zero.

Moss and algae can cause significant corrosion to your roof’s shingles. If you find moss or algae growth on your roof, removing it or controlling it is important. Cleaning it yourself is easy but a task that only some are willing or ready to undertake. You can get zinc or iron solutions at your local hardware store to prevent further outbreaks. Cleaning a current outbreak can be as simple as dish soap and water but can sometimes need higher-strength cleaners. Please call a professional if you need help cleaning algae and moss from your roof.