Disadvantages of a metal roof

Metal roofs have many benefits, but let’s discuss the disadvantages.

  • Cost. Without sugarcoating it too much, metal roofs are affordable. They can be 2 to 3 times the price of a standard roof. 
  • Noise. Metal roofs can be noisy when the weather gets rough outside. Rain and hail will sound much more amplified on a metal roof. 
  • Color matching. The sun fades and changes the color of things over time, and a metal roof would be no different. If a repair is required or you are expanding your home, finding an exact color match to the existing metal may be challenging. 
  • Choosing the right materials. If water accumulates anywhere on a metal roof because of poor-quality installation or repair, it can eventually cause damage. Some metals rust in certain climates or dent more easily than others during hailstorms or the installation process. If low-end metals or more affordable options are chosen, it may be thinner gauge and less durable.