Do you need to clean your roof?

Yes! cleaning your roof is important!

It seems like something many people don’t think about, but it is important to clean your roof regularly. It can be done by a homeowner or a professional cleaning service. 

Shingle roof – the most harmful thing to a shingle roof is moss. If you live in a damp place, it’s important to have your roof cleaned yearly to avoid moss buildup. Here in Arizona, moss isn’t too big of a concern, but long periods of no rain can cause a buildup of dirt and dust, so it is good to have your roof cleaned by a professional every few years. 

Tile roof – Regular cleaning can double the life of your tile roof. Tile roofs are super durable, but everything needs a good bath now and then. Like a shingle roof, cleaning your roof every few years will only help your roof stay in good condition. A tile roof is a huge investment, so why not protect it with regular cleanings? 

Metal roof – Deep cleanings aren’t necessary with a metal roof like other types of roofs; they are very low maintenance. Cleaning a metal roof is more about keeping it looking nice rather than helping with its longevity.