Why it’s important to keep trees away from your roof.

Why is it important to keep your trees trimmed and away from your roof? Besides the obvious concerns for damage, there are a few other reasons to keep in mind as well. 

Too shaded. Shade here in Arizona usually seems like a great idea, but too much shade in one area of a roof caused by trees that are too close can cause parts of your roof to not dry as quickly after a storm than other areas. It’s not good to let moisture linger too long on roofing shingles; it can cause decreased roof life. 

Debris.  Debris that falls from trees that are too close to the roof can cause damage and block important drainage.  in a large storm, think of all the leaves that fall from trees, even if they aren’t close to your roof; these leaves and small bits of debris would have nowhere to go if trees and other large objects were blocking the drainage.

Animal Access. Allowing trees too close to your roof can allow access to all sorts of small critters; everything from rats, snakes, cats, etc. can have easy access to your roof when trees are close.  Keeping your trees cut back away from the house, and the roof will discourage a whole host of critters from taking residency in your attic space.